America's finest retail jewelry stores purchase their diamond jewelry from A. LINK because we have sold, for the past hundred years, the same “made” diamonds. Whether manufactured by hand or machine, fabricated in Belgium, Russia, South Africa or anywhere else in the world, these round brilliant cut stones have all been selected primarily for their consistency.

The quality of an A. Link diamond is immediately visible, even under the most remarkable conditions. Any diamond can sparkle in the light of day, but an A. LINK diamond will sparkle in the dark, needing only the most minimal light to share its brilliance. Such dazzling effects are due to the A. LINK signature 60/60 cut diamonds, where the table and depth percentages are the same, maximizing diameter weight and reflectivity. These diamonds have table sizes from 58 to 61 percent with depths of 59 to 61 percent. These percentages average 60\60, all other parameters, i.e., polish, symmetry, culet, and girdle specifications are “good” or better. We grade our diamonds for color and clarity with expertise comparable to the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) and the American Gem Society (A.G.S.)